Chinese ‘Big Three’ crypto trading platform Huobi adds Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic

Another large exchange included Ethereum Classic in the list of traded currencies due to the high interest of users. Thus, increasing the availability of trading pairs ETC / FIAT for Chinese traders. If this trend continues, we can soon expect ETC support from an even larger number of exchanges.

Ethereum Classic Support

Huobi published the news about Ethereum Classic trade on the stock exchange to start on July 13. Deposits in the ETC became available 24 hours before that date, on July 12.

For traders who have replenished their ETC deposits in the early period, the exchange calculates bonuses depending on the size of the deposit and the volume of trading transactions.

Ethereum Classic was chosen as a result of voting conducted by the exchange among local traders. In addition to ETC, Waves, PIVX, Decred and Golem received a large number of votes from traders. It is noteworthy that in this rating ETC surpassed XRP, which has a much greater market capitalization.

The volume of trading with Ethereum at Huobi is more than $ 50 million per day. Although there are different currencies, this figure is important for understanding how much volume can be added to daily liquidity.

Chinese support

The Far East exchanges added support to the Ethereum one by one, increasing the volume of exchange trades with that currency, and at the same time its cost.

Among the major Chinese exchanges that have already offered their users ETC / CNY are CHBTC, Jubi and Yuanbao. A significant addition to these volumes was the additional ETC support from the crypto currency platform BTCC. There Ethereum won the user survey conducted in Twitter by Bobby Lee, the general director of the exchange. The fact that BTCC added ETC support earlier than ETH caused great resonance.

“Our opinion”: if current trend continues, we can expect ETC support from even more number of Asian exchanges. Particularly those from South Korea and Japan. That’s despite the fact that from the very beginning of the fork ETC is somewhat in the shadow of ETH. Increasing the availability of trading pairs with ETC and a more promising environment for developers are a good sign for crypto currency traders.


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