Bitcoin Cash forecast. What will happen to BCC in the next 2 weeks

Bitcoin Cash forecast

Let’s talk about Bitcoin Cash forecast for next several weeks. Bitcoin Cash launched on August 1. What can we expect from BCC in the next two weeks?

3 – 7 August (Bitcoin Cash forecast)

If Bitcoin Cash gains a relatively low hashrate, then we can expect corrections of complexity at the same time. In most scenarios, the blocks will be near to 10 minutes in case of a stable hashrate.

However, the stability seems to be the unlikely guest. There is a high probability that the miners will switch between Bitcoin and BCC, depending on what brings more money.

After corrections, the complexity of mining Bitcoin Cash will be much easier. The blocks can become fast (2.5 minutes or less) up to block 479.808.

8 – 14 August (Bitcoin Cash forecast)

By this time, SegWit should be fixed. It depends on how many resources the miners will direct to Bitcoin Cash. Also, not to mention the importance of how many new resources will appear. However, fixing the Bitcoin 479.808 on the block may take longer than expected. Once fixed, the code will be activated near to the end of the month, updating the main blockchain to support larger transactions.

Bitcoin Cash token is increasingly attracting the attention of South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition to Yapizon, such exchanges as Bithumb and Coinone also stated support for the new cryptocurrency. We can expect an increase in the volume of Bitcoin Cash trading in the coming days.

Summary (Bitcoin Cash forecast)

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Presumably, some users will try to sell their Bitcoin Cash tokens in the first days of trading. Others are going to purchase them during a downturn. Such a forecast will create an interesting situation in the cryptocurrency market.

Afternoon on August 2, Bitcoin Cash took the third place in terms of capitalization among all crypto-currencies. Only Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH / USD) remain more expensive. Yesterday Bitcoin lost 3.2% to $ 2,700 over 24 hours. The Ethereum went up 2.1% to $ 220.7. Today Ethereum is at $ 221.53 and Bitcoin at $ 2723.62. The overall capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is just under $ 101 billion. BTC dominance is at 44,8 %.


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