The ZeroLink protocol promises complete anonymity of Bitcoin transactions

ZeroLink Protocol - Anonymity of Bitcoin Transactions
ZeroLink Protocol - Anonymity of Bitcoin Transactions

The developers of Samourai Wallet and Hidden Wallet presented the joint effort ZeroLink protocol. According to them, it will ensure completely anonymous use of Bitcoin transactions.

There are effective and inexpensive technologies aimed at providing anonymity for users of cryptocurrency (Check latest prices here). However, there are also many ways of de-anonymization, for example, network analysis. It is for this reason that developers used Wallet Privacy Framework when creating ZeroLink. It combined the functionality of the purses for pre- and post-mixing, as well as the very technology of coin mixing.


You can add the pre-mix functionality to any purse without any restrictions. However, post-mixing wallets require a high level of confidentiality when choosing coins, the privacy of transactions and restoring the balance, indexing inputs and transaction outputs, and translating them.

Zerolink — some details

Recommendations and requirements for wallets for pre- and post-mixing formed the basis of Wallet Privacy Framework. You can use most of the known mixing technologies like CoinShuffle, CoinShuffle ++ or Classic Tumbler mode in TumbleBit. At the same time, ZeroLink offers its own mixing technology – Chaumian CoinJoin. A full round of mixing fulfills in a matter of seconds and cost is very low. Anonymity, if necessary, can extend much further than a separate CoinJoin transaction (check details later on our blog).

At the moment Samourai Wallet intends to implement ZeroLink technology, in addition to Hidden Wallet. Also, Breeze Wallet shows interest in its implementation, which also contributed to the development.


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