Bitcoin mining more profitable than Bitcoin Cash again

Bitcoin mining

The profit of Bitcoin mining again exceeded the indicators of the competitor cryptocurrency. As a result of the next recalculation of the Bitcoin Cash complexity, Bitcoin mining is 2.4 times more profitable than BCH.Bitcoin mining profit

At the same time, the complexity of Bitcoin Cash mining as a result of the last recalculation has grown. It is now is at the level of 30%.

BCH chain difficulty

The price of Bitcoin, which fell to a minimum on Tuesday from August 12, went up.

Bitcoin Mining Expectations

On August 23, Bitcoin traded at 4,104.21$, Bitcoin Cash – 689.43$, according to Eth-Price. We expect that in the near future a part of the hashrate, which was sent to Bitcoin Cash, will return to Bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin price chart

Last weekend, the Bitcoin Cash rate went up sharply. The reason was partly that the mining of the new cryptocurrency became more profitable than the mining of Bitcoin. Let’s remember, that Bitcoin Cash appeared on August 1 as a result of the Bitcoin hard fork. For the first day of its existence, altcoin has risen in price by half. It has taken the third place in terms of capitalization after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Meanwhile, a rumor goes that Lightning Network may appear in the Bitcoin network before the scheduled time. The Lightning Network solution intends to accelerate the processing of transactions and commissions for a large number of users. Currently, the Lightning Network is still in beta testing. Blockstream first tested it in May with Litecoin transactions. The introduction of Lightning is an important stage in the Bitcoin network that will affect Bitcoin mining. However, problems may appear after the second hard fork (SegWit2x).


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