Bitcoin achieves a new all-time high of $ 4,600

Bitcoin price change

On Tuesday, August 29, the price of Bitcoin swiftly went up, confidently breaking the mark of $ 4,600. At the time of publication (14:00 UTC), the Bitcoin rate on Bitstamp reached $ 4,649, and up to $ 4,643 on Bitfinex.

Bitcoin info

Bitcoin price change

At the beginning of yesterday, the first cryptocurrency traded in the region of $ 4340. It was sinking at certain points close to the support level of $ 4300. However, with the beginning of the afternoon session in North America, the rate rushed up. It took first the barrier of $ 4,500 without problems. Then, it achieved $ 4,600 and started starting “dancing” around this mark.

Let us remind you, only a week ago, on August 22, the price fell below $ 3700.

We note that the sharp rise in the price of Bitcoin occurred during the actual zeroing of the mempool. Recall, a few days ago it was filled with unconfirmed transactions.


Ethereum price change

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, August 29, the price of the cryptocurrency with the second capitalization, Ethereum, exceeded $ 360. It came out with the same indicators two months ago.

On Tuesday the peak price of Ethereum was at 10:34. The weighted average rate of the cryptocurrency was $ 364.58. The last time it was mid-June when Ethereum traded at same levels. It reached a historic high of $ 411 before June 13. At the moment of publication, the price of Ethereum is $ 383.

Ethereum price change

For the last 24 hours, he Korean exchange Bithumb is the leader in the main trading volumes (14.76%)., Coinone, Poloniex, and Bitfinex are also in the top list with this indicator.

Ethereum trading volumes

Let’s recall, at the end of September, the new version of the Metropolis software and the next hard fork can take place in the Ethereum network.



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