Japan implements blockchain in renewable energy sector


The application of blockchain in the renewable energy field is quite an interesting idea. Tokyo energy company Eneres, is testing the capabilities of the distributed registry technology for this purpose. Authorities of the prefecture of Fukushima fully support this initiative. The project intends to test building “smart micro-networks” on the basis of the blockchain.

The purpose of the experiment is to explore the possibility of building a shared energy economy. According to the plan of the developers, households with installed solar panels and other sources of renewable energy will be able to share the surplus of the energy with other network participants thanks to the technology of the blockchain, while receiving a certain reward.


This whole idea for the renewable energy sector is quite grand. The experiment will involve 1000 households from the cities of Fukushima, Aizuwakamatsu and other prefecture settlements. The results of testing the new solution will be clear in January next year.

The developer of Aizu Laboratory programming software will also participate in the project. In particular, the startup will provide a specific solution. It will allow recording of transactions from the power network to the blockchain.

Utilizing Blockchain in Thermal Energy

Brooklyn startup LO3 proceeds with similar developments. At the end of last year, the project received a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office. It intends to use blockchain in thermal energy reuse systems.
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As indicated in the patent application, US located data center consume about 2% of the total electricity generation. At the same time, they generate thermal energy. Thus, it can be collected and used by heat exchange systems. To increase the efficiency of such heat recovery systems, the LO3 team suggests using a device control network based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Let us recall, in April 2017, two Brooklyn residents used Ethereum blockchain to carry out a deal to sell electricity. TransActive Grid project made this deal possible. Also, the LO3 startup sponsors this project.


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