Bitcoin price continues to fall. Now it’s below $ 3,300

Bitcoin price

Bitcoin price has fallen by 15%. At some point, it was trading at $ 3446.62. At the moment of publication, the price of the first cryptocurrency was $ 3244.74.

Bitcoin capitalization reduced to 53.754 billion dollars. The other cryptocurrencies falling in the top 10 on capitalization are falling too.

The strongest drop is shown by Litecoin. according to Eth-Price, it collapsed by 26% to $44.26. At the same time, Ethereum Classic fell 27.31%, Ethereum – 16.71%, NEM – 20.36%, Ripple – 12.22%, and Monero – 21.41%.

Bitcoin price

News from China continue to affect Bitcoin price

Most likely, Bitcoin price is once again negatively affected by news from China. Regrettably, the Chinese crypto-exchange BTCC will stop trading because of the policy of the Central Bank of China.

BTCC ranks fifth in the world’s bitcoin trading volume, accounting for 3.89% of Bitcoin’s global turnover. On September 4, the People’s Bank of China banned the holding of initial placements of coins (ICO) in the country. After that, the country’s crypto exchanges began to withdraw the tokens previously placed through the ICO. On September 8, local media reported that the authorities plan to ban and close all local Bitcoin exchanges. However, there was no official confirmation of the information.

As of now, the total market capitalization of the Crypto-currency decreased to 112.9 billion. Yesterday it was 131.6 billion. [View the latest news our blog]


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