Cryptocurrency Price Shift and Latest Cryptomarket Update


As of today’s cryptocurrency price shift, world’s first cryptocurrency is sitting around $ 4129. At the time of publication BTC Dominance was 48.6%. Bitcoin showed the negative growth of meager -1.78%.

News from East Asia

Meanwhile, the Financial Services Agency of Japan (FSA) has satisfied the applications of eleven cryptoexchanges for obtaining a license that allows to carry out activities in the territory of the country. In particular, cnLedger shared those news:

On the contrary, South Korea’s financial regulator announced the banning of ICO (a new funding mechanism based on virtual currencies, which can attract millions of dollars in a few minutes). Earlier, Chinese regulators announced the ban of ICO. That was followed by a banning the cryptoexchanges in the country. Thus, the Japanese initiative seems to be interesting at least. No wonder, such news affect and facilitate changes in cryptocurrency price shift.

IOTA Cryptocurrency Price Shift

At the moment of publication total market capitalization was $1442,179,9891,0. Other TOP 10 cryptocurrencies are at negative trend temporarily except IOTA.

cryptocurrency price shift

IOTA is experiencing positive update in total cryptocurrency price shift. Its market capitalization has become $1,586,058,350. Price of this cryptocurrency has shown positive change of 6.39%. At the time of publication IOTA price was $0.57. It seems that for current moment IOTA is keeping initiative.

IOTA cryptocurrency price shift

Let’s remember, that on September 26 Nick Johnson, developer of the Ethereum Foundation, designated critical, in his opinion, shortcomings of IOTA in his post. Of course, when reading his material, one must take into account that the Ethereum Foundation is not at all interested in the success of the IOTA project. In addition, developers work μRaiden in the ecosystem of the Ethereum. All-in-all, it’s a competing protocol for IoT.

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