Price shift: Bitcoin above $ 4200, Zcash took a barrier of $ 400

price shift Bitcoin

On Thursday night, September 28 there was a major price shift in cryptomarket. The price of Bitcoin rose above $ 4200, thus returning to the two-week mark. Also, Zcash is showing significant growth.

The last time the first cryptocurrency traded at this level on September 12. That was the beginning of a period of protracted decline. The lowest point for this time period was on September 15. That day Bitcoin fell below $ 3000 due to news about the closure of crypto exchanges in China.

At the time of publication, the weighted average rate of the cryptocurrency was $ 4235 with a capitalization of $ 70.27 billion.

Other major cryptocurrencies follow the positive trend set by Bitcoin. At the current moment, the total capitalization of cryptomarket is $ 146.9 billion.

Cryptocurrency price chart
Separately, our attention is drawn to the rapid rise of Zcash. It demonstrates remarkable growth due to news from South Korea. We mean the news about its forthcoming addition to the largest South Korean exchange Bithumb.

Over the past few hours, Zcash previously traded around $ 280 has risen in price by more than $ 100. At some moment it took a bar of $ 400. At the moment of publication, Zcash price was $ 392.

Zcash price change
All-in-all, current price shift shows that impact from China news diminished at last. Bitcoin is experiencing new growth. Let’s remember, at the beginning of the year, it cost only $ 1000. In mid-August, Bitcoin first broke the barrier of $ 4000, and then briefly rose above $ 5000.


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