Current Eth Price Analysis of Cryptomarket Price Shift

Bitcoin current Eth Price analysis

As of current eth price analysis of cryptomarket, Bitcoin is at $4446,52. World’s first cryptocurrency showed the positive growth of 3,13% in last 24 hours.

Bitcoin current eth price

According to Eth-Price, total market capitalization of Bitcoin shifted to $73,806,451,524. On most cryptoexchanges Bitcoin is traded in 4400s.

Cryptoexchanges Chart

Ethereum – Current Eth Price Analysis

As of other cryptocurrencies current Eth Price analysis, Ethereum reached the $300 mark. Ethereum is experiencing positive update in total cryptocurrency price shift. Its market capitalization has become $28,576,672,061. Price of this cryptocurrency has shown a positive change of 0,89% in last 24 hours. At the time of publication, Ethereum price was $301.081. It seems that for current moment Ethereum is holding its place.

Ethereum Chart

China News Indicator

Regulation or prohibition of cryptocurrency in China has become the most sensitive topic. It’s affecting the market and bitcoin rates, other cryptocurrencies and numerous tokens for a month now. In the first half of the month, Chinese regulators impacted the most.

At first, there was a total ban on ICOs. Then an unexpected order followed to close the exchanges. Later,  a ban on their leaders and financially responsible employees had to leave the country. In addition to the Chinese restrictions, South Korea banned the ICO on September 29.

It seems that the market and the community are already fed up with rumors. They are no longer willing to accept them without evidence. In our opinion, this is the wisest and safest strategy.

Eth-Price cryptonews advise our readers to also adhere to it. Obviously, it’s another matter if important decisions are made about the future of China’s cryptocurrency. And then, we must see confirmation by officials. And only after that, the further trend in the market will set the different path.

Fun or not so News

Meanwhile, Creator of Litecoin and opponent of increasing the block size Charlie Lee offered a bet on Twitter, and Roger Ver took the bet. Two cryptocurrency “heavyweights” argued at 250 BTC about whether there is any value in increasing the block size in the Bitcoin network and what will happen to the new cryptocurrency, which may appear as a result of the next hard fork in November.



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