Cryptocurrency Market Shift — Current Eth Price Analysis

Bitcoin — Current Eth Price Analysis

As of today’s current Eth Price analysis, world’s first cryptocurrency continues to fall down. At the moment of publication, the price of Bitcoin was $ 4173. Yesterday’s negative trend continues.

Current negative statistics are -3.65% for last 24 hours and -0.11% for 1 hour. Bitcoin dominance is 49.04%. Ongoing market capitalization constitutes $ 141,303,422,074. The trading volume for 24h was 2,838,498,488. Circulating supply is 16,604,575 BTC. As we see, last days cryptocurrency price was slowly but steadily going down.

Bitcoin Current Eth Price Analysis

Bitcoin — Current Eth Price Analysis

Let’s remember, Bitcoin course collapsed in September this year. Buyers were able to raise it against the US dollar by 50% from $ 2,980 to $ 4,482. As soon as the price exceeded the $ 3,970 mark, the targets for bitcoin from $ 5,500 and above appeared on the market again. But, what’s the basis to grow? Is it the postponement of the closure of exchanges in China? Look at the volumes! with such volumes, Bitcoin can only go to the south.

At the moment, according to current Eth Price analysis, we do not see “bullish” factors, on which the price of Bitcoin can go above $ 5000. There are some good wishes only. That’s it! Buyers can test the psychological level. However, as we see from the daily chart, the “bullish” impulse begins to fade.

Sellers have to pass the level of $ 4230 for Bitcoin. After that, fixing and the process of folding long positions will begin. The price may linger at a level above $ 4,230 before the Asian session.

Ethereum — Current Eth Price Analysis

At present moment, it seems that Ethereum is holding near $ 290s. There is a negligible difference from yesterday prices. At the moment of publication, the price of Ethereum was $ 289.16. There was -1.93% negative trend for 24 hours and -0.25% for 1 hour. For now, Ethereum can’t attach itself to $ 300 mark. Current market capitalization is $27,443,119,223. The trading volume for last 24 hours was $274,796,000. Circulating supply is 94,959,219 ETH.

Ethereum Current Eth Price Analysis

All-in-all, Top 10 Cryptocurrencies are keeping their more or less pronounced downwards statistics. Stay on our blog for latest Cryptomarket Prices and on our Facebook Group for Cryptocurrency News!


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