Cryptocurrency market current Eth Price analysis

Cryptomarket Current Eth Price Analysis

As of today’s current Eth Price analysis of cryptocurrencies prices, Bitcoin is sitting at $ 4330.63. BTC dominance is 49,1%. For last 24 hours, there was a positive growth of 3.58%.

Total market capitalization is $146,498,791,280. Bitcoin market capitalization is $71,923,222,578 or 16,606,187 BTC. The volume in last 24 hours was $1,101,650,000 Circulating supply is 16,606,187 BTC. As we see, there is near zero surplus statistics for last 7 days.

Bitcoin Current Eth Price Analysis

Bitcoin — Supporters, and Opponents

Bitcoin is becoming a hot topic for Wall Street. There are already two camps debating with each other. Perhaps it’s hard not to admit that Wall Street is the financial center of the whole world. As the prices for digital currencies increase, the main players in the financial market have to react to it somehow.

The most consistent supporter of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies is Goldman Sachs. The company recently published its forecasts of the Bitcoin price. The other day it became known that this company is going to launch a special platform for trading cryptocurrencies. Although, the final decision about the platform is not yet available. However, the fact that this option came to life, already speaks volumes.

The news about the possible creation of such a platform appeared only a couple of weeks after the statement of Jamie Daymon of JP Morgan Chase, in which he criticized Bitcoin.

Despite Jamie Daymon’s tough stance, in JP Morgan itself, everything is not so straightforward. The company is actively experimenting with blockchain technology.

Fidelity Investments also supports the cryptocurrency. On its website, Fidelity Investments shows the balance among other assets of the client. It’s for those customers who have an account in Coinbase.

Ethereum — Current Eth Price Analysis

Ethereum somewhat recovered compared to yesterday. However, $ 300 mark is not conquered yet. At the time of publication, the price of Ethereum was $296.544. There was a positive shift of 2.35% for last 24 hours. Current market capitalization constitutes $28,163,897,814. Trading volume for last day was $223,811,000. Current circulating supply is 94,973,757 ETH.

Ethereum Current Eth Price Analysis


According to current Eth Price analysis, it seems that cryptocurrency market recovered somewhat after China news. Today’s winner is Ripple with the growth of 4.37% for the last 24h. There was the tremendous increase for last week of 22.34%.


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