Crypto market analysis — Bitcoin price shift

Bitcoin crypto market analysis

Yesterday, the price of Bitcoin overcame the $6000 mark, according to crypto market analysis. Today, world’s first cryptocurrency is again below this margin. At the moment of publication, the price of Bitcoin was $5957.86. Ethereum also fell under $300 mark. At the current moment, it is trading at $290.84.

Crypto market analysis — Bitcoin

Yesterday, October 20, the price of the first cryptocurrency has confidently overcome the psychological mark of $6000, fixing its new historical maximum. Let’s recall, last past high was a week ago, October 13 at around $5920. According to crypto market price analysis, right now, BTC dominance is 58.33%. Current market capitalization is $99,144,003,528. The trading volume for last 24 hours was $1,848,220,000. Present circulating supply is 16,640,875 BTC. There was the positive growth of 1.27% for past 24 hours. Crypto market analysis Bitcoin

The growing interest of institutional investors, favorable regulation in some markets, such as Japan, and the upcoming hard fork contributed to the cryptocurrency price rise.

However, cryptocurrency also attracted a lot of criticism. In a recent comment, UBS said that Bitcoin is a “speculative bubble”. It is unlikely that it will become a real currency. Goldman Sachs said that the cryptocurrency “is not new gold”. Meanwhile, 49% of the CNBC survey participants believe that the price of Bitcoin may exceed $ 10,000. Investor Michael Novogratz, who repeatedly said about his interest in cryptocurrencies, believes that Bitcoin will cost  10,000 in the next six to ten months.

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Tezos that will never come?

Other than crypto market analysis, let us look at Tezos situation. A formal investigation has been launched with regard to the cryptocurrency company Tezos. It is in the interests of investors who took part in ICO, according to law firm Block & Leviton LLP. Earlier, news spread about the clash between the founders Tezos Arthur and Ketlyn Breitman and the head of the Tezos Depositary Foundation Johann Hevers. As a result, futures on the token of the startup, which managed to attract $ 232 million to the ICO, fell by 75%.

According to the law firm, it is likely that Tezos ICO violated the US Securities Act. If it is true that the Tezos tokens are “securities” sold to US investors without proper registration with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Then, according to law, such a deal will cease to exist.


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