The Unconventional Guide to Cryptoforce


What is Cryptoforce

CryptoForce is a project, aiming to be a part of the new crypto economy. What are our goals?

The first step in Cryptoforce implementation

Our goal is to improve the society and to help integrate cryptocurrencies into casual life, making a transition from crypto to fiat, back and forth, seamless.
For this means we have the plans to release a multicurrency wallet in spring of 2018. Furthermore, this summer we’ll launch our own Crypton exchange to let you trade, buy, sell, and safely store a lot of cryptocurrencies.

The Next Step

The next step will be the implementation and the issuance of the new Crypton cards. These cards will allow their holders to pay for any goods, using the funds they have in Crypton wallet. A chosen cryptocurrency gets converted at the moment of the purchase. This way Crypton card owner pays fewer fees because he gets the best rates for conversion. To improve our users’ experience, we’re gonna install crypto ATMs everywhere in the area of our operational activities. Everyone who has a Crypton card could withdraw or deposit some fiat from their balance, converting effortlessly any chosen cryptocurrency into real money.
Consequently, we’re gonna expand to the Asian market. The demand for cryptocurrencies is traditionally high there.

How are we gonna make it?

Our Crypton ecosystem will use a native coin, called CRP. This coin will be used for any operations on our platforms and has its own intrinsic value. Our coin works with the Proof-of-Stake algorithm and lets all the holders get new coins by staking. Also, staking is a lot better than mining, as it requires fewer resources, all you have to do is buy yourself some coins. This way you can accumulate the coins slowly and get more and more coins over time.


There’s a hard cap of 1.2 billion coins, so the more you get, the more rewards you can get, because of the chance to generate a new block in a chain and get the reward in form of coins increases if you have a lot of them. CRP generation slows down over time, and thus our coin becomes more valuable over time. All the money collected during the sale go to funding the project and its goals.

Referral Programs

As we have reserved a part of all CRP coins for marketing purposes, we offer a multilevel marketing program. However, the more users you bring into the system, the more rewards you get. You can look at the list at our site.

Where can I buy CRP coin?

You can buy it on Our Website and start collecting the reward immediately! Remember: you’re taking part in the future of money.

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