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Crypto market analysis — Bitcoin price shift

Bitcoin crypto market analysis

Yesterday, the price of Bitcoin overcame the $6000 mark, according to crypto market analysis. Today, world’s first cryptocurrency is again below this margin. At the moment of publication, the price of Bitcoin was $5957.86. Ethereum also fell under $300 mark. At the current moment, it is trading at $290.84.

Blockchain will become more important than any digital currency


Blockchain will prevail over any digital currency. According to Joe Pyndar, technical director at the cybersecurity firm Gemalto, blockchain will outshine any important digital alternative.

News from China — the Reason for the Bitcoin price drop

Bitcoin Price Drop

Let’s discuss the reason for Bitcoin price drop. On Wednesday, October 18, the price of Bitcoin fell on a number of exchanges to around $ 5,250. The day before the average rate of the first cryptocurrency reached $ 5741.58. Today, Bitcoin somewhat recovered. At the moment of publication, its price was $5623.94.

Will the Japan implement ICO ban? Will China lift it?

ICO ban

The crypto industry has not lost much from the ICO ban in China. However, this gave rise to the thought that same could happen to other countries in the region – for example, Japan, and South Korea.

Cryptocurrency price analysis — Ethereum executes hard fork to Byzantium


According to today’s cryptocurrency price analysis, Bitcoin dominance is 53.88%. At the moment of publication, the price of Bitcoin was $ 5627.70.

Bitcoin Price Uptrend continues! Today, BTC exceeded $ 5700

Bitcoin Price Uptrend analysis

As for today’s cryptocurrency market analysis, the rather unexpected Bitcoin price uptrend continues. World’s first cryptocurrency beats new records and already exceeded $ 5700 at some point.

Cryptocurrency Market Price Analysis — Bitcoin up by 4.78%

Cryptocurrency Market Price Analysis

As of today’s cryptocurrency market price analysis, BTC dominance is 52.39%. For last 24 hours, Bitcoin demonstrated the positive growth of 4.78%.

In grocery store for coins: How a crypto startup UTRUST promises to make it finally possible

crypto startup UTRUST

Today, the main topic of our blog is crypto startup Utrust. At present, the world of cryptocurrency is maturing into more and more complexity.

Cryptocurrency market current Eth Price analysis

Cryptomarket Current Eth Price Analysis

As of today’s current Eth Price analysis of cryptocurrencies prices, Bitcoin is sitting at $ 4330.63. BTC dominance is 49,1%. For last 24 hours, there was a positive growth of 3.58%.

Cryptocurrency Market Shift — Current Eth Price Analysis

Bitcoin — Current Eth Price Analysis

As of today’s current Eth Price analysis, world’s first cryptocurrency continues to fall down. At the moment of publication, the price of Bitcoin was $ 4173. Yesterday’s negative trend continues.