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How to make a profit from a falling Bitcoin price?

falling Bitcoin price

How to take a correct position and earn money from a falling Bitcoin price? This is not so easy because there are no financial products on the market. Therefore, professional investors cannot use some tactics. Nevertheless, we chose five strategies to bet on the most popular digital currency in the world.

Bitcoin price continues to fall. Now it’s below $ 3,300

Bitcoin price

Bitcoin price has fallen by 15%. At some point, it was trading at $ 3446.62. At the moment of publication, the price of the first cryptocurrency was $ 3244.74.

News from China continue to negatively affect Bitcoin Rate


Bitcoin rate fell below $ 3,800. It traded around $ 3788.9 (-9%). And its market capitalization dropped to 62.9 billion dollars.

Can government make Bitcoin illegal? Here’s what you need to know


Making Bitcoin illegal is a popular subject of modern discussions. Bitcoin has been on the periphery of financial markets for almost a decade. It was gradually regaining the status of an alternate asset class. Can the government of any major country intervene and do the unthinkable – ban Bitcoin?

4 Important Facts about Bitcoin that You Really Want to Know


Bitcoin transparency is of great importance for determining the price of a digital currency. The market moves to where money is spinning. However, it is much more difficult to find out to whom the money flows.

The price of Bitcoin heavily impacted by news from China

Price of Bitcoin Downfall

The price of Bitcoin continues to decrease. The process began from last Saturday and accelerated on Monday. The main reason was news about the ban on conducting ICO in China. On Tuesday morning the price of Bitcoin fell below $ 4000 at a number of exchanges. The last time Bitcoin was at this level on August 22.

Japan implements blockchain in renewable energy sector


The application of blockchain in the renewable energy field is quite an interesting idea. Tokyo energy company Eneres, is testing the capabilities of the distributed registry technology for this purpose. Authorities of the prefecture of Fukushima fully support this initiative. The project intends to test building “smart micro-networks” on the basis of the blockchain.

Bitcoin achieves a new all-time high of $ 4,600

Bitcoin price change

On Tuesday, August 29, the price of Bitcoin swiftly went up, confidently breaking the mark of $ 4,600. At the time of publication (14:00 UTC), the Bitcoin rate on Bitstamp reached $ 4,649, and up to $ 4,643 on Bitfinex.

Bitcoin history or Pizza Story? Shady and Tasty Moments

Bitcoin history

Officially, the Bitcoin history began on October 31, 2008. A document describing the newest concept of decentralized cryptographic currency was published. However, many studies preceded this event while lasting twenty years.

Why you should be excited about SegWit protocol activation

SegWit protocol activation

Now it’s official: Segregated Witness — SegWit protocol activation took place in the Bitcoin network after a long and difficult way. The historic moment occurred on August 24, 2017, at 01:57 UTC on the block 481,824, found by the BTCC pool.